Our Mission

Malkia Foundation aims to support our local women and girls in Vihiga County through initiatives that will further their independence and gender-equality in our community. 

Locally-led by female community leaders, we aim to create a cycle of sustainability and be a driving force in tackling the issues our women and girls face. Through local and international partnerships, we can lead the necessary support here. 

Our programs range from girls' empowerment to building women's financial independence. In anticipation of our new expansions and growth, we are in the works implementing our latest programs such as our all-girls STEM school. We encourage you to read more about our programs!

We see the value in the girls and women in our community, that is why we whole-heartedly invest in them. You can support our work and invest in female empowerment by donating today!

Want to get involved in our work? There's many ways to do that! From being a remote intern to corporate support. 

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For Vihiga County, Kenya to have independent female leaders of all ages and reach gender-equality by bridging gaps in the education of our girls, empowerment, and enterprise development.

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